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Shiba Inu ID Tag

Shiba Inu ID Tag

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Shiba Inu Colour
Get a personalised ID tag for your Shiba Inu!
You can customise the tag with your dog's name at the front (optional) and your contact info at the back of the tag

There are 4 Shiba Inu Breed colours to choose from - if your dog's colour is not on that list or has specific markings please contact us and we can customise it

Any background colour of the tag available- just mention name of the colour or colour hexademical code in personalisation box
You can find your perfect colour by following this link: and simply enter the number that starts with # in personalisation box while ordering!

Our latest premium tags feature a protective silver alloy bezel enclosed by two separate full colour aluminium circles.
Each aluminium circle is printed using an industry standard ink infusion method. This makes our prints permanent and waterproof.

Tag diameter: 34mm

Any questions please message us prior to ordering 💌


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Francesco Marveggio
Hi qual, big n heavy

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